McKees Rocks man faces indecent assault charge for inappropriately touching 15-year-old girl

By Steve Pope | September 12, 2018

On Tuesday Allegheny County Police charged a McKees Rocks man with indecent assault and related charges, alleging he inappropriately touched a 15-year-old girl several times starting from last November through July.

During an Aug. 1 interview the teen told police that Troy Monroe, 45, told her “she could play with his hair anytime she wanted,” after the girl saw something in his hair and simply removed it, during a visit to his home in Nov.  Police allege in a criminal complaint that during the visit Monroe sat close to the teen while she was watching TV, put his arm around her and “started rubbing her upper thigh area without saying anything for about a minute.”

Police allege the teen told Monroe to stop and tried to move away, but Monroe “pulled her back towards him.” Monroe also made an obscene gesture with his index finger and continued to inappropriately touch her, the complaint alleged.  The teen left the room and walked into the kitchen, but did not tell her stepmother what occurred.

The teen’s mother told police the girl routinely visited her stepfather who was living with Monroe during the time the alleged incidents occurred.

According to the complaint, several weeks later Monroe apologized to the teen saying, “He told her he didn’t want anything weird between them.” However, after telling her this the teen said Monroe grabbed her hand and squeezed it “tighter as she tried to pull away.”

During a visit several months later Monroe told her, “if she was 18 he would make a woman out of her,” and “began to rub her leg,” the complaint said.  The last time she saw Monroe was during a visit to his home in July.

On Aug. 21 Monroe agreed to take a polygraph test and told a county police detective in an interview before the test that, “he has a very ‘off-color’ relationship” with the teen. He also admitted to inappropriately touching her on several occasions. Because of his statements the test was canceled and Monroe was arrested.

Monroe is charged with corruption of minors, unlawful contact with a minor and indecent assault. He was released from the Allegheny County Jail on a non-monetary bond and faces a Sept. 25 preliminary hearing in McKees Rocks.

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Attorney for cop charged in Antwon Rose shooting asks judge to recuse himself

By Terri Hill | September 11, 2018

The attorney for Michael Rosfeld, the East Pittsburgh police officer who is accused of killing Antwon Rose asked the judge who is assigned to the case to recuse himself because of statements the judge made two days after the shooting,

Defense attorney Patrick Thomassey made the request Tuesday morning during a scheduled pre-trial conference before Allegheny County Common Pleas Judge Anthony Mariani. Mr. Thomassey said the statements call into question Judge Mariana’s ability to be impartial.

Judge Mariana admitted he said Officer Rosfeld may have “shot this man out of frustration,” called into question the officer’s training and commented that the shooting may not have been justified, during a regular segment on PCNC’s NightTalk called “Sidebar with Judge Mariani.”

In response, Judge Mariana denied the request and said he didn’t feel he was incapable of being fair in presiding over the case. “This case isn’t about who presides over it, but what happened or didn’t happen. This is a fact case,” he said.

He gave Mr. Thomassey until Sept. 21 to file another motion if he chooses to do so, this one with supporting evidence.

After the hearing Mr. Thomassey said, “We might revisit it, we may not. I mean, he denied it and that’s where we are, and I’ll make a decision whether or not we’re going to go forward with that any further. ”

Mr. Thomassey also raised the issue of selecting a jury outside of Allegheny County, citing the protests that continued for weeks after the shooting. He said potential jurors would be hesitant to serve because they fear their safety may be at risk.

“They picketed a judge’s home, and people in this county, I think, would be afraid to sit on a jury in this case,” he said.

Large groups of protesters regularly blocked major intersections and portions of highways in and around Pittsburgh and picketed outside Officer Rosfeld’s home in the weeks after the shooting. During some of those incidents, protesters attempted to pull people from their cars and also damaged several cars.

While Judge Mariani gave Mr. Thomassey until Sept. 25 to file a motion, Mr. Thomassey says he expects one to be filed in a few days.

After the hearing Mr. Thomassey said he may request that Zaijuan Hester, the 17-year-old backseat passenger who is charged in a drive-by shooting that occurred a short time before Rose was shot, be given immunity and called as a defense witness.

A tentative date of Feb. 26 has been scheduled for jury selection to begin.

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Grandmother accused of repeatedly beating, threatening granddaughter

By Steve Pope | September 10, 2018

A teenage girl was repeatedly beaten by her grandmother who is also her guardian and told if she reported the alleged abuse to authorities she would be hated for life, police alleged in a criminal complaint.

The teen identified in court papers as “Jane Doe” told a forensic interviewer at UPMC Children’s Hospital on Aug. 28, which was also observed by a detective, that Bridget Houser, 52, of Pittsburgh, beat her numerous times “on all parts of her body except her face,” the complaint said.20180909_200222-1.jpg

Houser used her hands and at other times she used “shoes, a long plastic spoon, and a belt to beat her.” The teen said at the time of the interview she no longer had any bruises but said, “she had bruises on her upper chest area,” in the past.

Just before a CYF worker picked the teen up to take her to the emergency interview, Houser told her if anyone “gets ‘escorted out of the house today, it I’ll be your fault,'” police say.  The teen told police Houser also said, “If anyone leaves we’ll hate you for the rest of your life,” according to the complaint.

Houser was arrested late Friday and charged with endangering the welfare of children, simple assault and intimidation, retaliation or obstruction in child abuse cases.  She is in the Allegheny County Jail after being unable to post ten percent of a $5000 bond. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21.

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Police: Woman offers to sell cop drugs inside a police station

By Steve Pope | September 9, 2018

A 20-year-old woman who had just been arrested by the Stowe Township police offered to sell a police officer drugs saying, “I can help you 2 for 15 or 4 for 25,” police alleged in a criminal complaint.

Police were called to the 100 block of Harlem shortly before 1 a.m. Sunday for the report of a person driving a vehicle in circles and honking their horn.  After police observed Malaysia Smith of Coraopolis, drive her car the wrong way down a one way street they pulled her over.20180909_195843-1.jpg

According to police, Smith was rambling and refusing to answer any of their questions. At first she refused to step out of the car, but did so after an officer opened her door. Police say they immediately smelled and also saw marijuana inside the car and placed Smith under arrest, the complaint said.

As police were walking Smith towards a police car “she started to pull away” and refused to get into the car. Inside the car, police found a “bag of Xanax bars and a bag of suspected marijuana,” police wrote in the complaint.

While at the police station Smith continued to be uncooperative, by refusing to answer when asked to submit to a blood test and screaming at police. At one point she called a police dispatcher “a crack head” and then offered to sell an officer drugs.

Smith was booked into the Allegheny County Jail and faces charges of possession with intent to manufacture xanax, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana and xanax and also DUI. The date for her preliminary hearing has not been scheduled.

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Police arrest suspect in East Hills bar shooting

By Amanda Klein | September 8, 2018

A Pittsburgh man who was wanted in connection with the Sept. 4 shooting at a bar on Frankstown Avenue is in jail after being arrested late Friday by police.

Timothy Noel, 37, of Pittsburgh, was arrested at his residence by members of the U.S. Marshal’s Western PA Fugitive Task Force and Pittsburgh Police narcotics and vice detectives. He faces charges of criminal homicide, aggravated assault and two firearms offenses.

In a detailed criminal complaint police allege that Noel is captured on video shooting Mr. Faulk as he attempts to run back into Lady Di’s. Police say Noel is seen approaching Mr. Faulk with an object, that turns out to be a handgun, he is concealing in his right side. Noel raises the gun and after an unsuccessful attempt to grab the gun, Mr. Faulk flees and is shot as he enters the doorway, the complaint alleges.

A witness who police say told them they know Noel, picked his photo out of a lineup and also identified him in a video police obtained from the bar’s survelliance cameras.

The witness told police that Noel went by “Slimmie Blacc” on Facebook. Police say they were able to confirm that was Noel’s Facebook account after reviewing pictures that Noel had posted online. Using Noel’s Facebook pictures and surveillance videos, police linked him as the shooter by identifying several of Noel’s distinctive tattoos.

Noel is being held in the Allegheny County Jail after being denied bond and faces a Sept. 19 preliminary hearing.

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Police seeking man they say secretly took pictures, videos of minor then shared them online

By Terri Hill | September 7, 2018

Pittsburgh police are seeking a man they say took over 52 pictures and videos of a 14-year-old girl without her knowledge and shared some of them on social media sites.

A warrant has been issued for Jeremiah Morris, 18, of Pittsburgh, charging him with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, statutory sexual assault, sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, exploitation of children and several other crimes.

Police allege in a criminal complaint the girl’s mother became aware of a video being circulated online that shows Morris and the girl engaging in a sexual act.  A school official contacted the girl’s mother, after it was learned that Morris was sharing the video with students at her school.

During an Aug. 1 interview with police, the girl said the last time she had sexual contact with Morris was in April, on her birthday. She told police she was unaware Morris was recording her.

The girl’s mother told police that Morris had violated a “no contact order on at least 30 occasions.” The complaint doesn’t specifically say who is named in the order.

On July 29, Morris was arrested and charged with simple assault after hitting the girl. While police were arresting him he said, “take me to jail” and “I’m already going to jail for yesterday.” Morris “violently threw down both cell phones onto the pavement in an attempt to prevent officers from obtaining evidence from the phones by destroying the phones,” the complaint said.

After obtaining a search warrant for the two phones, a police forensics technician was able to recover 26 pictures and 26 videos from the phone of the girl “in the various stages of undress and performing sex acts,” police wrote in the complaint.

As of Friday police are actively searching for Morris.

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Police seize a large amount of drugs, assault weapon and cash in McKees Rocks raid

By Steve Pope | September 7, 2018

Mckees Rocks police along with state drug agents found a large stash of drugs and firearms, some within easy reach of children, and made one arrest during a raid on Thursday.

Police arrested 29-year-old Shannon Farrell, of Mckees Rocks, and charged her with six counts of endangering the welfare of children, conspiracy, two counts of possession with intent to deliver and several firearms offenses.

Police are also searching for Raymon Gee, the son of Mckees Rocks Councilwoman Leslie Jackson-Gee, who left the residence moments before police arrived.

The criminal complaint filed in the case said police were forced to break into the residence because no one came to the door after police knocked several times.

Inside the master bedroom police located Farrell and a small child who was sleeping in a crib. Also found were two large bags of ecstasy, two pistols, an AR-15 assault rifle and a bottle of amphetamine pills.

During questioning at the Mckees Rocks police station, “Farrell acknowledged that the controlled substances were in definite reach of young children,” the complaint said.

While Farrell told police that Gee sold most of the drugs, she admitted to selling some at his request.  Among the $1600 found at the residence were marked bills police used to buy drugs from the couple, the complaint said.

Police also determined that the assault rifle didn’t belong to Farrell because she did not know how to load or fire it. Farrell admitted to purchasing the rifle, but told police she did not go through the required background check before buying it. She also said she knew that Gee was prohibited from owning or possessing firearms.

Large amounts of marijuana packed in gallon bags, digital scales and a surveillance system were found in other parts of the residence.

Farrell’s six children were turned over to Leslie Gee, the complaint said, and Ferrell was taken to the Allegheny County Jail.

Police placed a telephone call to Raymon Gee and requested he speak with police. He refused and uttered several explitives.

Farrell faces a Sept. 18 preliminary hearing.

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