Male juror in Michael Rosfeld case replaced due to illness

By Steve Pope | March 15, 2019

A male juror in the Michael Rosfeld case has been excused from jury duty because of a medical condition, according to a court official.

The official said that Juror No. 1, a 66-year-old white male, who is a retired railroad worker was excused Friday and has been replaced by an alternate juror — a 45-year-old white male who works in retail distribution.

During jury selection earlier this week in Dauphin County, the juror did not mention any ongoing medical issues except some difficulty hearing which he attributed to working for the railroad.

The nature of his illness was not disclosed.

The twelve jurors, and now three alternates, will be bused from Harrisburg on Monday and will be sequestered in an area hotel for the duration of the trial.

The jury consists of six men and six women, of which three are black.

In a related development, Zaijuan Hester, 18, of Swissvale, the other passenger in the car with Antwon Rose on the day of the shooting, pleaded guilty Friday to three counts of aggravated assault and four firearms charges.

Hester admitted he was the one responsible for the drive-by shooting that occurred a short time before officer Rosfeld stopped the car in which Hester and Rose fled from.

According to information revealed in court, Rose had gunshot residue on his hands and also had an empty magazine in his pocket that was of the same caliber as one of the handguns found in the car.

One of the men who was injured during the drive-by shooting told police that Rose was the gunman, according to a court document filed by Rosfeld’s attorney.  Prosecutors counter, claiming that the shots were fired from the back seat — Rose was seated in the front.

The trial is scheduled to begin Tuesday morning and is being presided over by Common Pleas Judge Alexander P. Bicket.

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