6 men and 6 women selected for Rosfeld jury

By Steve Pope | March 13, 2019

A jury composed of six men and six women will decide the fate of Michael Rosfeld who is charged with last year’s shooting-death of Antwon Rose during a high-risk traffic stop in East Pittsburgh.

The final jurors were selected Wednesday morning in Dauphin County after Common Pleas Judge Alexander P. Bicket granted a change of venue request.

Rosfeld is charged in the June 19 death of the 17-year-old  as he fled from a car that was suspected in a drive by shooting a short time before the traffic stop.

The jury is made up of six men and six women, including one black male and two black females.

The makeup of the jury includes:

A middle-aged white male who is a construction worker

A 26-year-old married white male who is a state employee

A 41-year-old white male who works in a bar

A 66-year-old white male who is a retired railroad worker

A 39-year-old white female who is a former librarian whose father spent 25 years in law enforcement

A 35-year-old white female who has three children who works as a customer service representative

A black female who works in the social services field and whose partner of six years is retired from the Pennsylvania State Police

A 27-year-old white female who works as a data analyst

A 52-year-old white male who works as an insurance adjuster

A white female with two adult children who said she knows nothing about the case

A 55-year-old black female who works as a virtual Comcast customer service representative.

The four alternates are three men and one woman. All 16 will be bused to Allegheny County on Monday for the Tuesday morning start of the trial.

Steve Pope can be contacted at steve.pope@grantstreetnews.com


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