Detroit police are seeking criminal charges against Chelsa Wagner

By Steve Pope | March 9, 2018

The Detroit police chief said Friday that Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner and her husband were intoxicated during an incident with hotel staff last week.

During a news conference Police Chief James Craig said the couple exhibited “some levels of intoxication” during Wednesday’s incident at the Weston Book Cadillac Hotel.

Craig’s version of the couple’s encounter with police and hotel staff is considerably different than the account that Wagner and her husband, Khari Mosley, 43, have recounted in the last few days.

According to the couple, they were in Detroit to watch a rapper perform as part of a belated Valentine’s Day celebration. Wagner said they consumed alcohol during dinner, attended the performance and returned to the hotel.

Wagner claims she went to bed and Mosley returned to the hotel lobby because he was not tired. Hotel staff and police claim Mosley forgot his card to the couple’s room and attempted to call Wagner, who did not answer. She also did not answer calls placed by hotel staff.

Because Mosley was not listed as a guest, the hotel staff did not permit him to return to the room

According to Wagner she responded to a knock on her door and found police with Mosley in handcuffs. A video shot by Wagner shows police telling her that Mosley was being removed from the hotel because he caused a disturbance in the lobby.

While police were escorting Mosley to an elevator Wagner can be seen arguing with police. Wagner entered the elevator in front of police and refused at least three requests from a police officer to get off the elevator. As a police officer removes Wagner from the elevator, Mosley can be heard telling his wife several times to “relax” and added “Chelsa you’re bugging out.

Craig said Wagner placed her hands on an officer “six or seven times” blocked an elevator door and refused to get off the elevator.

Craig added, “They get to the elevator, and the wife blocks the door,” They ask her to move away from the door of the open elevator. She continues to stay there. At some point she puts her hand on the officer, and the officer takes the wife to the ground. You could hear in the video, ‘Be careful.’ It almost seemed as if he was trying to break her fall.”

Wagner was handcuffed and arrested for assault and battery.

According to a statement released by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office on Friday, prosecutors are reviewing the request and a decision on whether charges will be filed will be made in the next few days.

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