Jeannette woman charged with abusing 2-month-old puppy and boyfriend

By Terri Hill | March 5, 2019

A 27-year-old Jeannette woman abused a two-month-old puppy and assaulted her boyfriend on Monday, according to police.

Crystal A. Broker is facing charges of simple assault, harassment, two counts of animal cruelty and making terroristic threats.

Police alleged in a criminal complaint that they responded to a domestic assault call at the couple’s home on North Fourth Street around 8 p.m. Broker’s boyfriend identified in the complaint as James Krautz, told police that Broker sprayed Lysol in his eyes and slammed a door shut on his hand during the incident.

While Krautz was attempting to get Broker to give him the puppy an argument ensued and Broker started throwing items inside the home, police said.

“The defendant then began grabbing the victim by the neck and sprayed him with Lysol in his eyes and slammed his fingers shut in a bedroom door,” the complaint said.

It is also alleged that Broker threatened to hit Krautz and his mother with an urn that still had the remains of a family member inside it.

During the incident Broker picked up the two-month-old puppy “and stretched its two front legs apart until it started to yelp,” police alleged in the complaint.

Broker was ordered held in the Westmoreland County Prison after failing to post a $5,000 bond and her preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 11.

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A preliminary hearing is scheduled March 14.

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