Embattled McCandless police chief resumes duties on Monday

By Terri Hill | February 18, 2019

Monday was McCandless police Chief David DiSanti’s first day at work since Oct. 29 when he was placed on administrative leave after a female officer accused him of engaging in inappropriate behavior toward her.

DiSanti along with Lt. Jeffrey Basl are accused of sexual misconduct involving the female officer and two other women that allegedly took place at DiSanti’s home. The officer in question also accused DiSanti of treating her unfairly because of her gender.

All but two current McCandless police officers are very unhappy about his return.  In a Dec. 4 letter from the McCandless Police Officers Association, all but two of the current 26 police officers say they do not want DiSanti to return as chief.  One officer voted in favor of the suspended chief and one abstained. Two others did not vote because they have not completed their initial 12-month probation period.

On Jan. 21 DiSanti’ employment status was changed from leave with pay to leave without pay while a corrective action plan was being formulated. Under the plan,  DiSanti was required to complete sensitivity training before returning to work.

DiSanti’s earns $119,000 a year as chief. He was formerly the police chief in Oakmont and was hired in August 2016 to replace retiring chief Gary Anderson.

Terri Hill can be contacted at terri.hill@grantstreetnews.com


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