AG Shapiro sues Verizon saying the company didn’t deliver Amazon Prime, Echo as promised

By Terri Hill | February 11, 2019

Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed a lawsuit Monday against Verizon alleging the company repeatedly failed to deliver promised incentive items to consumers who enrolled in certain two-year contracts with the company.

According to the lawsuit, Verizon advertised to consumers that they would receive a free Amazon Echo and, in some cases, a free Amazon Prime subscription, for beginning or renewing specific contracts between November-January 2018.

The filing alleges that Verizon’s conduct constituted violations of the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law.

“If a company chooses to promise incentives to consumers signing up for their services, it is their legal responsibility to deliver on those promises,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said in a written statement.

Customers were told they would receive an email with instructions on claiming the incentive items after the account with Verizon had been active for 31 days. However, some consumers never received a hyperlink to obtain their free Echo and/or Amazon Prime membership as promised, the lawsuit alleged.

Verizon represenatives told consumers who called inquiring about the incentive they never received were simply told that the problem would be corrected, but never was.

The lawsuit alleges that Verizon did not correct the hyperlink problems for months, and certain consumers never received their free Echo or Amazon Prime Membership. Despite this, the consumers remain enrolled in the Verizon contracts and are subject to early termination fees to get out of their 2-year contract.

Consumers who believe they have experienced issues with Verizon’s offer for a free Echo and/or Amazon Prime membership are urged to contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-800-441-2555 or, or can file a complaint at

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