Former AG Kathleen Kane could he headed to jail soon after loosing appeal Monday

By Steve Pope | November 26, 2018

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday refused to hear the appeal of former Attorney General Kathleen Kane from her 2016 conviction on perjury and obstruction charges, clearing the way for her to start serving her prison sentence.

In August 2016 a Montgomery County jury convicted Kane 52, of two felony perjury and seven misdemeanor charges of conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges for leaking grand jury information then lying about it.

According to court documents and testimony at her trial, Kane leaked secret grand jury documents to reporters in an effort to discredit former prosecutor and political rival Frank Fina.

In October 2016 Kane was sentenced to serve 10-to-23 months in the Montgomery County Prison, but she has been free pending appeal after posting a $75,000 bail since her sentencing on October 2016.

In a lengthy 80-page opinion the Pennsylvania Superior Court upheld Kane’s conviction in May, rejecting her claims that she was the victim of selective prosecution and evidence used in her trial was illegally obtained.

A spokesperson for Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele, said his office will be filing court documents to revoke Kane’s bail, which could result in her being jailed.

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