Man charged with paying court fines using counterfeit $100 bill

By Terri Hill | October 29, 2018

Authorities have charged a Monessen man with allegedly attempting to pay his court fines using a counterfeit $100 bill.

Westmoreland County Detectives alleged in a court filing Monday that on Oct. 19, James R. Floyd, 50, used the bill to make a $25 payment he owed on a case that was close to being two years old.

The county worker realized the bill was fake as soon as Clark handed it over. The bill had a fake security ribbon and Chinese lettering in red on the front and back, according to a criminal complaint.

Floyd was making a $25 payment on assessment costs that total $540 and expected to receive change, but the clerk  realized the money was fake, the complaint said.

Online court records show a $25 payment was credited to his case on Oct. 19.

Floyd is charged with forgery and theft.  Because the charges were sent by summons a preliminary hearing  has not been scheduled.

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