The names of the 11 victims killed in Saturday’s mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue

By Terri Hill | October 28, 2018

On Sunday Dr. Karl Williams of the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office released the names of the 11 victims killed in Saturday’s shooting.

Here is a brief summary about some of the victims:

Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, 66, of Edgewood, was a primary care physician and served as a personal physician for former Allegheny County Deputy District Attorney Law Claus. “Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz was more than just a physician for me and my family; for over three decades he was truly a trusted confidant and healer who could always be counted upon to provide sage advice whenever he was consulted on medical matters, usually providing that advice with a touch of genuine humor,” said Claus. “He had a truly uplifting demeanor, and as a practicing physician he was among the very best, Claus said in a prepared statement.

Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz (3)
Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz | Submitted

Daniel Stein, 71, of Pittsburgh. In a Facebook posting on Sunday Stein’s son wrote, “Yesterday was the worst day of my life! My dad’s life was taken at the Tree of Life shooting. My mom, sister and I are absolutely devastated and crushed! Our lives now are going to have to take a different path, one that we thought would not happen for a long time. My dad was a simple man and did not require much.”

Daniel Stein
Daniel Stein | Facebook photo

Rose Mallinger, 97, of Squirrel Hill, regularly attended the Tree of Life synagogue with her daughter, according to one of her friends.

Rose Mallinger (2)
Rose Mallinger | Submitted

Joyce Fienberg, 75, of Pittsburgh, worked as a research specialist at the Learning Research and Development Center at the University of Pittsburgh from 1983 until she retired in 20088.  “Joyce was a cherished friend for many in LRDC. For those who knew her in LRDC she was an engaging, elegant, and warm person,” the center posted on Facebook.

Joyce Fienberg (2)
Joyce Fienberg | Submitted

Brothers David and Cecil Rosentahl,  54 and 59, of Pittsburgh were called “two well-respected members of our community’ and “extraordinary men,” by ACHIEVA,  a Pittsburgh-area nonprofit.  “Cecil’s laugh was infectious. David was so kind and had such a gentle spirit. Together, they looked out for one another,” said Chris Schopf, Vice President for residential support. “They were inseparable. Most of all, they were kind, good people with a strong faith and respect for everyone around.”

cecil-rosenthal-good (2)
Cecil Rosenthal | Submitted

Bernice and Sylvan Simon, 84 and 86, of Wilkinsburg, were remembered by one friend as “gentle and generous.” “Both would do whatever they could to help anyone who needed it. They will be missed a lot,” said George Landis. A photo is not currently available.

Melvin Wax, 88, of Squirrel Hill, was called “just a fantastic friend and neighbor that would do anything to help you if you needed it,” a close friend and neighbor said Sunday.

melvin-wax-1540753703 (2)
Melvin Wax | Submitted

Richard Gottfried, 68, of Ross Township, was a local dentist who ran Gottfried & Durachko Dentistry with his wife Peg, who he had been married to for the past 38 years.

Dr. Richard Gottfried

Irvin Younger, 69 of Mt. Washington.

Durning Sunday’s news briefing Dr. Williams read each name off and said, “There’s no words to express the sympathy they need.  We’ve identified all 11 victims before they were removed from the synagogue last night.”

Two victims, one a police officer, remain in critical condition. Robert Bowers, the lone suspect in the shooting was listed in stable condition as of Sunday.

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