Police: Driver of car who struck six teens on Tuesday was not licensed

By Amanda Klein | October 10, 2018

Pittsburgh Police said the teen driver of the car that struck six high school students on Tuesday did not have a driver’s license and should not have been driving.

According to a police spokesman, the female driver who is also a high school student, might have been trying to show off in the car and somehow lost control of the vehicle. Her actions do not appear to be malicious.

Because she only has a learner’s permit she should not have not have been driving the vehicle without an adult passenger. The passenger in the vehicle yesterday was not an adult.

Six students from University Prep were injured, one seriously, when they were struck by a vehicle  at approximately 2:48 p.m. on Centre Avenue in the Hill District. A seventh victim who did not need immediate medical help yesterday, was treated at a local hospital on Wednesday, the spokesman said. All are expected to make a full recovery.

No charges have been filed at this time. Police are continuing to investigate.

Pittsburgh Public Safety reminds motorists to drive carefully and to be vigilant, especially in school zones.

Amanda Klein can be contacted at amanda.klein@grantstreetnews.com

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