Ex-boyfriend accused of sending 89 threathning text messages to former girlfriend

By Terri Hill | October 6, 2018

Greensburg police arrested a 32-year-old man on Friday alleging in court papers he sent his ex-girlfriend 89 text messages over a two day period threatening her and her two-year-old son.

According to police David Baker, of Greensburg, sent the disturbing messages to the woman between Sept. 29 through 30.  In several of the messages, police said, Baker referenced how fragile baby’s bones are and expressed his anger at being blocked saying in one message, “Well, I’m glad I’m blocked … who would’ve known blocking someone ended up killing you?”

In several other messages Baker references “painting a canvas in blood,” and that he has a “great plan that he hopes to get on the news,” the complaint alleged.

Online court records show that the woman obtained a protection from abuse order against Baker a short time prior to when he allegedly started sending her the messages.

Baker faces multiple charges of terroristic threats and harassment by communication and is being held in the Westmoreland County Prison after failing to post a $35,000 bond.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 18.

Terri Hill can be contacted at terri.hill@grantstreetnews.com

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