Nevada man heading to prison for selling over 2k pounds of marijuana on area college campuses

By Terri Hill | October 2, 2018

For conspiring to import over 2200 pounds of marijuana from California to Pittsburgh a Nevada resident was sentenced Tuesday in federal court to just a month shy of seven years in prison.

Prosecutors alleged in court documents that Ryan Schanck, 30, arranged to have the marijuana mailed to himself and others from various West Coast locations.

Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies conducted a multi-year investigation of the marijuana trafficking conspiracy and determined that Schanck and his co-conspirators had been receiving the marijuana from 2012 through 2017 via the U.S. Mail. Schanck and others would sell the drug on area college campuses, such as Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Schanck conspired to distribute from 1500 to 2209 pounds of marijuana, according to court documents.

Schanck also conspired to launder approximately $258,404 in proceeds from his marijuana trafficking, said U.S. Attorney Scott W. Brady.

Prior to imposing sentence U.S. District Judge David S. Cercone stated that the sentence was sufficient, but not greater than necessary, to achieve the goals of sentencing.

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