Allegheny Co. Sheriff’s K9 aid in Shawn Christy’s capture

By Steve Pope | September 21, 2018  

The intense three month manhunt for the man federal authorities allege made death threats against President Trump, a prosecutor and police is over, thanks in part to an Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department bloodhound.

Shawn Christy was captured just outside Mansfield, Ohio at approximately 4:38 p.m. Friday.

Christy has been evading law enforcement officers since his June 12 Facebook post where he threatened to shoot President Trump.Screenshot_20180922-100646

Authorities say Christy was located in a ravine surronded by a rural field about 6 miles from where he is believed to have abandoned a truck he had been driving.

Fugitive Shawn Christy is led out of a field moments after he was arrested by U.S. Marshals | Photo courtesy of U.S. Marshals Service

While authorities won’t say exactly what led them to search the field, they did say Christy was actively hiding when he was found. Close to 100 law enforcement officers have been actively searching the area where he was found since Sept. 17. Authorities believe Christy stole a pickup truck from a business close to Hazel Township, Pennsylvania.

K9 Ranger and his handler, Deputy Jeffrey Belback, were credited for helping capture Christy.

Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeffrey Belback and K9 Ranger during the search for Christy | Allegheny County Sheriff’s Department

Police say Christy was armed with a knife and a .380 handgun at the time he was arrested.

Christy was taken Friday to a hospital to be checked and he is expected to have a hearing Monday in Akron, Ohio, where a judge will most likely extradite him back to Pennsylvania. He may also face additional state charges for stealing the truck.

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