Troy Hill couple charged with abusing, starving dog

By Terri Hill | September 2, 2018

After finding a starving dog that appeared to be abandoned, Pittsburgh police have charged a man and a woman with several counts of animal abuse.

According to criminal complaints and online court records Mialeah Weismantle, 28 and David Schmitt, 40, both of Pittsburgh face two counts each of neglect of animals, after police and animal control officers found a dog in Weismantle’s home that was “emaciated and was in danger of dying.”20180903_143020

On Aug. 21 police responded to 99 Royal Street at the request of an animal control officer who initially believed the dog was abandoned. The home did not appear to have electricity and was in very poor condition with the door open.  Officers were met at the door by the dog “that was very emaciated and had “visible injuries and infections,” the complaint said.

Police say, “we observed dog feces all over the kitchen, no food or water, and that the dogs ribs and backbone were clearly visible through the skin, indicating the dog was very malnourished.”  The dog also appeared sick and both its eyes were infected.

While police were at the home they found Weismantle, who police say they “are familiar with from many previous arrests and encounters, in the kitchen. She told officers, “it was not her dog and she was taking care of it and that it belongs to David Schmitt.”

Information on the dog’s condition was not immediately available.

A preliminary hearing in both cases will be scheduled after Schmitt and Weismantle receive their summons which was sent on Sept. 1

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