Allegheny Co. Sheriffs K-9 Deputy ‘Woody’ nabs Duquesne bar shooting suspect

By Amanda Klein | August 28, 2018

A man that area police have been searching for that was wanted in the Aug. 13 shooting at a Duquesne bar is now in the Allegheny County Jail thanks to K-9 “Woody” and several other sheriff’s deputies.

Carl Jones, 27, of McKeesport, was arrested around 11 a.m. Tuesday as he attempted to hide in an apartment building on Dinwiddie Street in the Hill District.

For the past two weeks deputies had been gathering information about Jones’s whereabouts. They believed he may have been staying in the building, but the occupants refused to cooperate in locating him.

This morning around 11 a.m. deputies tracked Jones to the Dinwiddie street residence and with the assistance provided by K-9 “Woody” took him into custody, according to a news release from the sheriff’s department.

Carl Jones | Allegheny County Jail photo

Jones has been charged in the shooting and according to a criminal complaint, fired five to six shots, killing one person inside the 1313 Bar.

After his arrest deputies transported Jones to Allegheny County police headquarters for questioning. He was then taken to the jail, where he is currently being held after being denied bond.

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