Leader of multi-county theft ring sentenced to serve 2 to 4 years in prison

By Amanda Klein | August 29, 2018

The alleged leader of a burglary ring that authorities say stole over $150,000 worth of equipment from business and construction sites was sentenced Wednesday to serve two to four years in prison.

David Wray, 47, of Washington Township, Fayette County led the four man ring that stole equipment from 16 business and one residence during one month in 2016, court filings allege.  He pleaded guilty earlier this year to numerous charges of conspiracy, theft, burglary and racketeering.

During a March 2016 search, authorities recovered numerous firearms, farm tractors, construction equipment, two ATVs, as well as drug paraphernalia from Wray’s residence in Fayette County, his family’s farm in Clearfield County, as well as the residences of his accomplices throughout Western Pennsylvania.

According to former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, Wray and two other men were arrested by members of the state Auto Theft Task Force as they were stealing tires from two businesses. Task force members had been staking out the two locations due to recent thefts.

“These individuals were conducting thefts and burglaries in Southwestern Pennsylvania for years,” state Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “In addition to victimizing local businesses for thousands of dollars, investigators discovered the ringleader was hoarding 19 firearms, some of which were also identified as having been stolen.  We’re holding these dangerous individuals accountable, and we’ve shut this crime ring down.”

All three of Wray’s codefendants have pleaded guilty to their roles in the thefts. In May, one man was sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty to trespassing. The remaining two are expected to be sentenced later this year.

Amanda Klein can be contacted at amanda.klein@grantstreetnews.com


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