Suspended Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Dep’t captain found guilty after failing to show for a court hearing

By Amanda Klein | August 28, 2018

A captain with the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Department who is currently on paid administrative leave was found guilty in absentia after he failed to appear for a court hearing on Monday.

Travis Day, 24, was scheduled to appear before District Magistrate Anthony Bompiani after being cited on Feb. 10 by a state trooper for driving behind the state police barracks in Greensburg. He was charged with failing to obey a traffic control device.

State police say there are signs clearly posted at the barracks that no one is permitted behind the building. Despite the signs, Day was found driving behind the building at 2 a.m., claiming he was there to meet a landlord.

Judge Bompiani sentenced Day to pay a $195 fine after he failed to show for the hearing, according to  online court records.

Day, who has no prior law enforcement experience was appointed in Feb to be a captain in the department. He was placed on paid leave after he was dismissed from a training program at Penn State for “alleged violations of the program’s code of conduct,” according to the University.

According to online court records Day is facing harassment charges in connection with his dismissal from the program. A hearing in the case has not been scheduled.

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