Woman charged with raping 5-year-old boy, then posts video online

By Amanda Klein | August 15, 2018

Police have charged a Greensburg woman with sexually assaulting a 5-year-old boy and then posting a video of the act on social media.

According to a criminal complaint, Corby Jo Kinzey, 24, posted a video online last month that shows her having sex with the five-year-old, which was seen by the mother of one of Kinzey’s former boyfriends.

The filing alleges that the mother reported the matter to police on Tuesday, when she gave them a copy of the video after becoming concerned about the child’s welfare.

Police according to court documents, believe that Kinzey made the video earlier this month.

After obtaining a search warrant on Tuesday, police arrested Kinzey at her apartment around 10:00 p.m.  While she was being transported to the police station Kinzey said she was under arrest because of the video.  “It’s about the video,” Kinzey is alleged to have said.

Under questioning, Kinzey claimed a male in his 20s that was wearing a mask held a gun to her head made her have sex with the child, the complaint alleges.  Kinzey also told police the man threatened to kill her if she notified police.

The complaint said after a detective told her that he didn’t believe her account of what occurred, she started crying and eventually admitted to the sexual assault.

Kinzey was denied bail and is charged with a host of sex-related crimes including rape, rape of a child, sexual assault, endangering the welfare of minors and other offenses.

The child has temporarily been placed in the custody of a family member and Kinzey’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 23.

Amanda Klein can be contacted at amanda.klein@grantstreetnews.com

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